The Word for the Day

Every so often, we all need a word. A word of encouragement is always necessary from God, and then we often need just a word to help us get on our way. When we have teens and work at home, AND need to homeschool, we must delegate. The simplest task can become overwhelming when you are in the middle of transcribing a report, have a question from a daughter that may not be easy to tackle in the high school years, and need to cook, clean, or anything else that may otherwise be simple. Our teens and our husband need to know that they are doing their part to support us in our efforts to help with income, serve others and share wisdom that we have gained. The act of service is important for all.

Delegate to your teen--even if she needs to check the slow cooker that you are hopefully using, wash a dish, as well as maintaining her own part. My husband works 3pm-11pm, so he is home during our school time. Yes, I'm spoiled. He is a wonderful help. I'm not saying it's easy. That's why even washing a dish or making a bed can be overwhelming with countless other things to do. Therefore, cry out to God daily, do not hesitate to cry out to your teens or husband for help, and delegate whenever you can, and praise those who help you!

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