Organizing in menu planning

Homeschooling teen girls does not end in June, nor does it end during the summer. It's a lifestyle, with a goal of equipping them as best as we can to be "out there" and not be totally thrown. (like I was LOL). One way is through meal planning and knowing how to cook, what to cook, and in our case, what will work in the lifestyle of working, blogging, and just trying to be organized. Enter, the slow cooker. It is my friend. I've been married for 17 years and just have started my second one. My first slow cooker was a wedding gift. I graduated to the deluxe model, still parting with my old friend. There are so many recipes out there! My daughters are becoming experts as well.

I will be starting a weekly Slow Cooker Sharing Day to share ideas and recipes. Join in. It's a great feeling to homeschool, blog or work, and know that you have dinner being prepared all at the same time.


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