Medical Transcription

When I have been blessed with anything, I feel an overwhelming desire to turn around and want to help others feel just as good. The same thing happened to me with medical transcription. As stated in a previous post, the friend I met through selling products walked with me on my quest to learn. It was not an easy beginning, but definitely worth it. She sent me practice tapes to transcribe, some medical reference books to use, and I worked on my own with unstoppable focus until I was able to pass a test and start working. The blessing? I did it without having to get a degree. I am a self-taught medical transcriptionist. I saved thousands of dollars because one person invested in me. I will be forever grateful to her, and we have remained friends for the last 9 years, sharing the joys and trials of working at home, homeschooling our teens, and juggling our lives. :)

I have many books, tapes, and some new medical knowledge that has come in very handy in parenting and wearing one of the many hats of "medical doctor" in our home. I would be interested in mentoring. Are you interested? There are many companies still willing to take people with no experience. It is consistent income, and you are able to control the salary once you progress. Budget what you need to make and go for it. I will be offering my services of mentoring, and reference books that I have used and since have purchased new ones. Do you have a computer? Interested?

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