Old, Young, or all of the Above

In what feels like a previous life, I can remember going to the doctor, and looking at the doctor as an older person, respected, no matter what age the doctor was....that was life before 50. (possibly before 40 ;) Move to after 50.......my husband recently had an in-office procedure done. As I went with him for a consult, we were in the waiting room and the receptionist quietly said "that is the doctor" thereby reassuring us that we would not be there all day and the doctor was arriving. I looked around for my memory of someone who had a "doctor look." All I saw was a person go bounding into the back where the offices would be. She had a ponytail and looked a lot like my daughter used to.............at 10!!

They say that you are truly old/older when the president is younger than you. I refuse to give in to that rule passed down from "them". We simply have a very young president. :) The calendar is one thing. What helps you keep young in Spirit?


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