Teens Plan and Mom Plans- Part 1

What a stretch of the imagine it would have been from my college days and the "all-nighters" as well as even teaching and often finding myself the last teacher to turn in any lesson plans that the principal might want to see. Now, here I am planning my own life and helping my teens plan their year for school as August rolls around. Our lives certainly do change after the arrival of children.;)

I can't help but emphasize how important communication is for us all throughout the year, and for the month of August as we "think out loud" and get ready for a new year, full of hope and promises of things we will learn, both inside the curriculum and especially outside of the curriculum! We find that we are far enough removed from the last school year and any emotional issues, and looking forward to the new and possibly getting some things in a new way, so that we have some productive "family meetings."

However you need to do it, whatever works in your situation, home school or not, I can't emphasize enough to communicate and be involved. For us, my income is vital to what we're doing so I need to work a lot of hours, but even higher priority now is school and life lessons that go with it. No matter how insignificant the change may seem, it may mean a lot to a family member. Talk with them, share, and tweak your schedule wherever you may need to. Before discussing how to improve the past year, praise them for work done and the spirit is much more ready to hear ways to improve.

Enjoy these teen years. If we think of them as the "dreaded teen years" then something is going to spill over into our teens' heads and they will see this. They are smart, and their spirits will be crushed instead of built up. Encourage and communicate for the things that can be accomplished. Work together. We are all a team within our families and even within the blogging community. Again, if we home school or not, we ARE guiding them through our example and now teaching them valuable lessons. How great to impact the life of a child. Especially our own. These thoughts have to be clear before we actually plan our tasks.

Enjoy building them up-


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