Homeschooling Your Teen and Working

Homeschooling is yet another way to watch our children grow. It's the best when we see them meet their milestones physically. We rejoice when they roll over, crawl, walk, and many other things in between. The homeschooling process allows us to rejoice with them when they meet certain milestones such as reading, math facts, and many other universal things that we all must know. What a blessing to have a part in this as parents, knowing that we taught them, worked with them, and help them find their strengths and guide them toward future career and life choices.

Many people who homeschool fear the high school years. Fear not. There are options. If you have a husband who is helping, have him teach the subjects that are his strongpoints. My husband is our expert at science and history, and an excellent artist. I'm a musician and did well in language arts and math. We do what works for us. Your high schooler works well independently, and for that fact I work an unscheduled job where I can make my own hours during the day, and schedule my "heavy-duty" transcription for evening hours. Online schools are also an option. There are many Christian schools that are accredited, thereby making the choices for college easier. You then have help with teachers in each subject and you are still involved but in a supervisor capacity, yet still homeschooling your child. Plan well, choose what works for you in your situation, and by the time they are teens you will know their learning style and what works for them. Continue on with confidence.

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