Family, Homeschooling, Transcription, and Me

Yes, there we have it. The ultimate juggling act as I see it in the life of a homeschooling, work-at-home mom. I have two teenagers who have days that they are very helpful, and days that we work at it a little more as they will need a little reminding. Remember, as I must, they are teens and a work in progress also. To make the act work and not to drop anything while juggling is key; yet, something that does not always happen. When the proverbial ball is dropped, however, we all assess and move on. No regrets, but we work as a team.

1. Key to organizing myself is first clearing my head a bit. My heart starts to move towards organizing and planning usually in late July. I am a former school teacher, and the calendar is engrained in me, not to leave. We use it for the good, and my first task towards planning the year is actually to start, but only when my head is clear. I may have many hospitals to transcribe for that day, cooking to be done, but during those times I must simply leave, even for 10 minutes, and clear my head. Depending on the day I've had, this is not always a difficult process. ;)
2. All through school, college, in doing a plan we know we must always go from the general to the specific. In planning I cannot work the homeschool plan until I have a general overall plan. My work is often scheduled, at least in part. I have 2 teens, so I am also able to delegate some chores. As we will see and I will share with you, the slow cooker is our friend. How great it is to be transcribing and/or teaching our children and smile from the inside knowing that "I'm teaching and cooking all at the same time."

To sum it up, the key to organizing starts early and just may be in the back of your head. It doesn't have to be written immediately. Clear our head and have a general plan of how it will work. And know in your heart that it will work!

It's already getting to be late July, and it seems as if it was just Christmas. What happened? Hope you had a great year. Let us know one thing you will be doing different as you assess and evaluate a new school year, work, or just finding time for you.

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