Lessons Learned, Like it or Not!

It is my belief that life is a process.  We continue along the process all throughout, leveling off at times, learning at times, and even refusing to learn at times.  The lessons of life may be learned and benefited from, laughed at, or sometimes taking us down kicking and screaming before we give in and possibly cry "uncle."  There seems to be a change after hitting 50 for me.  Possibly I don't kick and scream as much, possibly I don't have the *energy* to kick and scream as much.  Every lesson now seems to always present an opportunity to pass down to my daughters.  At 14 and 15, I can only pray that will benefit from my process thus far.

Yes, I am over 50 and seemed to be late with everything; however, I have come to learn (yes, a lesson!!) late according to whom?  In medical terms, I had children late but they are doing well and have actually succeeded in keeping me young in spirit and hopefully I will share with you lessons learned at 50 and over, but possibly dealing with subjects that you can relate to whatever age you are chronologically. 

Come journey with me as we proceed together and we will laugh, cry, and share together.  I look forward to comments from you and learning from you as well.  We will take questions and answers weekly and guests will be posting as we learn how to have true quality of life no matter what our circumstances are and to live our best life.

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