Organizing After 50 Compared to Before 50

Organizing After 50 not only involves my own organization, it involves working with my husband as well as passing down the years of wisdom that I can now give my teens. Before 50, actually even before 40, my organizational skills were weak at best as I was well known for the universal college "all-nighter." Not a good practice, and most emphatically not good for the after 50 set! :) Passing this wisdom down that I seem to have gained by years of experience is necessary, and I must confess I can often become obsessive until I am reminded, either in my head or from my children, I learned this the hard way! This reminds me I may need to ease up, and possibly even let them learn some things the hard way while I am prepared to help them as well as sit back and smile in my heart while pondering the teachable moments that will be ensuing. Oh joy, they are still there! :)

What better way for me to organize myself than to have a God-given desire to be an example. My girls as pre-schoolers and early elementary students will watch us, but life skills are not first on their mind. As I'm tempted to allow procrastination become the thief of my time, I now am forced to think of how I'll explain this to my children and everything takes on a whole new spin. God does use our children to make us better parents, and overall better people.

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