Get Up and Move

To start on a humorous note, it smacked me in the face the other day that after 50 is nothing like before 50 (hence the blog title :) when my daughter said was walking next to me and said "you have a hair" and she reached near where my chin was. To calm you right now, the hair was on my coat but long and sticking out. As she reached for it, she saw the look of panic on my face as she said "don't worry, it's not connected!".......and I realized I think I have hit a new milestone of old. I would never have even gone there before 50!! LOL.

Lately I have also been struck of the positives and negatives of working at home and homeschooling. Positive for the kids as they're doing well in school and have some very good friends through our church and extracurricular activities. Now, for me..........I see some people making the news now in their 80s and running marathons, etc. The work I do does not quite lend itself to my training for a marathon, let alone running one. I'm pretty organized in scheduling time for school help when needed, cooking time, and I have some really great helpers between husband and daughters for cleaning. However, getting up and moving around is a drawback. Medical transcription is an intense job, and you can easily work and not realize hours have gone by. Some days, it is as if I have moved 10 steps instead of the recommended 10,000. My metabolism has hit the after 50 mark, so the necessity to move is more important than the before 50 years. So here I am working on some after 50 weight and realizing I need to step it up and do after 50 exercising for the health that I have been blessed maintain and to continue the feeling of before 50! Everyone today---get up and move. Even if you walk in place through one TV program, let's all take a little time for "us" today! How do you schedule your "get up and move" time?

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Menopausal New Mom said...

That's so true about the body before 50 and after 50. I can't lose weight like I used to so I've stepped up my exercise too. I alternate between a yoga dvd and a step/weight training video I have (so old it's a VHS Lol!). Only work out 5 days a week but I've noticed it's really helping. Overall, I'm trying to maintain that flexibility and hold on to whatever muscle mass I have left and if I can keep off some weight, that's great too!