A Proud Moment

I learn so much from reading everyone's blog and am often just thankful to be a part of using the internet in a good way. I have mentioned before that I have two teen daughters. One is 16 and one is turning 15 in a week. Yes, the time goes fast as we share with them different pregnancy, labor, and toddler stories and I realize that I'm speaking with two wonderful young ladies.

This leads me to the fact that my oldest daughter is going to be my featured blogger. She is 16, has worked very hard on her blog, and is an up and coming photographer (and quite good if I must say so as her mother ;) She recently won a school photography contest! Congrats to her! We all need to encourage our kids and focus on the good that they do and their potential, especially in this day and age and all the negative going on. Feel free to check her blog at simplysnapshots.wordpress.com.

I will be featuring one blog per month. Interested? Leave a comment as to why you would like to be featured, or email me at dfoell123@gmail.com. Enjoy your day!


Anna and Inger said...

New follower from the Wednesday Blog Hop! I am looking forward to following your blog. My friends and I are on a 90 day weight loss challenge and we are blogging about our journey and anything relevant! LOL! Inger and I both homeschool our children and I noticed you homeschool and have some links about homeschooling! I am going to check those out and who knows... we may be able to share some homeschooling advice! :) Looking forward to your posts!
Come on over and join us @ Smoky Mt. Body by Vi's blogspot.


menopausal mama said...

Such good news about your daughter! Congrats to her for following her dreams and ambitions---I will definitely check out her blog. Amazing that at her age she is able to do all of this!
I just signed up as a follower on your GFC under the name Marcia Doyle. You've got a great blog here! Also wanted to say thanks for the recent visit to mine!