Time out-- 9/11

Living near New York City has put the events of 9/11 in my thoughts as we remember the 10th anniversary. As a family, we had been to the area frequently just in walks, visits, etc. New Yorkers, as well as all areas of the US, bonded in a way that we have not seen since then. This weekend recaps that bond in the hearts of many.

My children were little when this happened. They were out with my husband at a book fare at a library with a park right there, enjoying life innocently while I was home and happened to see the horror. I called them as I just wanted someone to be there to give a hug to....who better than hubbie and 2 daughters? We were advised as parents to be careful of how much coverage our little ones saw on TV.

Fast forward to this year. My daughters are 14 and 15. They were watching some and seemed interested and talking. It suddenly dawned on me. They are witnessing this as if it just happened in many respects. They are aware now, they SEE what happened. Their eyes and heart have lost a little more innocence that we like to think our kids continue to have for as long as possible. My youngest said that it seems as if it just happened. I needed to step back and witness this with them and meet them emotionally where they were, not in my heart as I have seen it year after year. I realized I had forgotten, but needed to remember. They not only saw the buildings crumbling and people running for their lives, they realized in a more personal way what those in Iraq are fighting for with such passion. They had grown. They took a horrific event and saw the intense fear and emotions of people involved. I stepped back and grew with them. It was a good thing.

If you have teens, I advise you to take some time with them and discuss this event. What seemed obvious to me as an awful even being remembered from all walks of life was now being incorporated into the hearts of my daughters. Walk through this with your children and look with them but through their eyes.

Experience your time out with them-


Kathy said...

What a lovely piece. It is true that as a person I have seen this event in the news and have it in my heart but as our children are growing in their understanding of the world they are really seeing it with fresh eyes. This year my husband and I explanied more about that day with our 12 year old and he had more questions. He has a book that was given to him when he was born by a former collegue of my husbands who died that day. I know that that always touched him, even though he never met the man it made it personal to him. Thank you again for a lovely post! Great to find you on voiceBoks. I'm happily follwoing you! I love your blog name!

Danyale N. said...

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Shannon Milholland said...

Great advice. My two oldest daughters were 5 and 2 at the time. Didn't really consider the fact this is their first real viewing of those events. We too tried to shield our children from the events 10 years ago. I was so shocked when a few nights after it happened my 2 yo said, "Mommy I pray for the people in those buildings." Amazing!

Shannon Milholland said...

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JoeTaz said...

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May said...

I'm a long time follower of your blog and thanks for linking up at monday mingle. God knows why 9/11 happened and he will continue to give the dead eternal rest.